December 1, 2016

Breaking News

HIBANA obtained Tax Exemption Status !

This is an important landmark accomplishment for our organization.  We are now officially an Income Tax Exempt non-profit organization under Internal Revenue Code-IRC 501(c)(6).  The news were communicated to us through letter dated November 10, 2016 and signed by the Director of Exempt Organizations, Rulings and Agreements,  Mr. Jeffrey I. Cooper.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for trusting HIBANA from its very beginning by purchasing your membership on it. Now we feel authorized to say: “We are a non-profit organization”. It is our hope that this determination is a door opener for more and better programs as we continue to grow in the Northern Alabama community.

Ramon Santiago
President, Board of Directors
Hispanic Business Alliance of North Alabama-HIBANA

Bilbrey & Ryan Law “Family  Law Specialists”
224 Rhett Ave, SW
Huntsville, AL

CONGRATULATIONS HIBANA!!! You deserve a round of applauds!!! Thank you Ramon for your leadership.
Best wishes for more successes in the future.
Jacqui Shipe
Global Ties AL

This is wonderful news! Thank you for sharing. Now…where do we continue to grow from here? 🙂
Sonia Burnett

Aaron Ryan

Great, congratulations!
Feria Painting Inc

That’s wonderful!!
Crystal Green

 Congratulations Ramon!  Thank you for your leadership.
 Alicia Wilson