The Hispanic Business Alliance of North Alabama has scheduled periodic events and meetings to interact and share expertise with business community leaders, exchange business ideas and create new opportunities to diversify their workforce, supplier base, and increase their involvement in the growth of the Hispanic business community.


At HIBANA we want to assure that our members do not feel they are on their own, especially when it comes to making important decisions. We can either provide professional advice or find and recommend a resource that can provide expert advice. Sometimes a HIBANA co-member can also help. Perhaps is that person that you met at a HIBANA networking event.


We believe in the process of facilitating learning. Knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits of a group of people are transferred to other people through discussion, teaching, storytelling, training or research. Any experience that has a transformative effect on the way one thinks, feels or acts, may be considered educational.


In general, compliance means conforming to a rule, policy, standard or law. Each state of the United States has its own laws, standards and regulations governing the commerce activities. Additionally, business owners and business professionals need to comply with federal laws, standards and regulations that may apply.


The Hispanic Business Alliance of North Alabama (HiBANA) was founded based on an initiative from the Hispanic Latino Advisory Council or HLAC for the City of Huntsville.
HLAC is a group of volunteers who, as a team, was formed by the City

to advise the mayor and the City administration on Hispanic community affairs. On May 22 2014, the HLAC reorganized itself and adopted the concept of focus service areas or priorities. For each service area we formed a Task Force. The four task forces created were: Law Enforcement, Education, Civic Engagement and Economic Development. Each Task Force consisted of a leader and 2-3 volunteers. Mr Ramon Santiago was given the responsibility of leading the Economic Development Task Force. We formed a team and immediately started discussing our ideas, our vision, mission, organization format, work plan and our individual responsibilities. It was from these task force dynamics that we identified a compelling need in our Hispanic business community to have a one voice, one source, type of organization where to go to for solutions to their business needs. This is how the idea of forming a business association came out to be.


Our Members

Our team consists of our Board of Directors, General Members, Volunteers and our Partner Organizations. HIBANA is an organization for those who want to meet other business owners, learn about the Hispanic business culture, network, attend after-hour mixers, seminars to market their products and services to other members and the general Hispanic community.
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Raul Piers

Originally from Acapulco, México, Raul Piers Alvarez has been in banking for the past eight years. He has been a Retail Market Manager with Synovus Bank since 2017. He has been working in the area of customer service for almost 20 years
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Alicia Wilson

Alicia is an accomplished business leader and professional. Started her career as a Pay Master in the Panama Canal. She moved up quickly on the career ladder to become a supervisor. During that time she also worked in the banking industry for nine years.
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Flora Johnson

A native of Panamá, Flora brings with her extensive community organizing and outreaching skills. She is an active participant on a few other community initiatives, such as the Hispanic Latino Advisory Council and the Center For Justice to the Immigrant. She and husband Douglas Johnson are owners of For Real Travel, a local travel services company.
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Foster Perry, III

Foster Perry is currently the Director and Senior Consultant of the Small Business Development Center at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Previous to this appointment, he had been an Adjunct Lecturer of International Business for UAH since 2002.
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Alex Roman

Member of the Board of Directors Alex is originally from Ecuador and has been in business for over 28 years. Before opening his own business in Huntsville, Victory Auto Sales LLC, he worked as a licensed banker with Wells Fargo for over 6 years.
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Peter Hernandez

Peter Hernandez is a LoanDepot Loan Specialist, and “right hand man” to Tyler Wilson on The CTC Team. Peter is here to support Tyler’s mandate of a “Premier Process” by bringing over 15 years of experience in the mortgage industry to the team. Peter will collaborate with you and Tyler while assisting with all aspects of your pre-approval process. (Application, Programs, Terms, Scenarios) PeHernandez@loandepot.com https://www.loanDepot.com
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Maria Cristina Konsolas

Ms. Konsonlas counts with over 20 year experience in data analysis, strategic planning, systems analysis, quality assurance and database design & development currently serves as an R&K Solutions contractor to the US Government in the Quality of a Real Property Specialist for the Army National Guard Real Estate Branch – Army National Guard Bureau.



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